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Soul Creative Surfaces have developed the first ever lightweight and flexible pure stone sheet from New Zealand - the ‘Southern Alps’. We have also developed the first ever New Zealand stone pebble tile - the ‘Tasman Flat’. The ‘Tasman Flat’ has been sold globally for the last 10 years, with its proven natural alpine look becoming the number one top selling pebble tile in the U.S. market to date. Starting with this pebble tile 10 years ago, Soul Creative Surfaces have been working hard to source stone that can only be found in New Zealand. We have just launched our new solid stone tile range, that will be cut as a strip cladding. Complex geological formations have created the rich history of the Southern Alps renowned for its ruggedness and natural beauty, and destination for adventurous souls. From these rugged alps, rivers, and beaches, to your home or project, we are proud of our products and want to share them and their story with you.


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